19.1% of Internet users interested in on-demand television purchases

19.1% of respondents to BURST! Media survey said they would probably purchase online on-demand programming such as television programming, movies, concerts or sporting events that could be watched on their computer. 32.9% said they are unsure whether they would purchase, and 48.0% say they would not purchase online on-demand programming. Men are significantly more likely than women to say they would purchase online on-demand programming (23.3% vs. 15.0%). Among age/gender segments, men under the age of 34 years are most likely to say they would purchase online on-demand programming, 24.3% of men 18-24 years and 31.4% of men 25-34 years. Among income segments, the greatest level of demand is found among respondents reporting household income of $35,000-$74,999 (23.8%). Potential demand of online on-demand programming is also greater among respondents with a broadband connection (22.5%) than with those using a dial-up connection (13.2%).