17M mobile phone users in Australia by 2007

83% of the population (17.2 M) will own a mobile device within three years. The number of mobile phone users in Australia would reach 14.9 M ? three quarters of the population ? by the end of this year. Telstra’s chief executive officer, Dr Ziggy Switkowski, has predicted 15 M users by the end of 2003, and a penetration rate greater than 100% within a few years.

IDC predicted mobile services to generate revenue of AU$8.4 billion in 2003, and grow at an average annual rate of almost 10 percent to reach AU$12.1 billion in 2007. The Allen Consulting Group has estimated the mobile phone industry added AU$5 billion to Australia’s economy in 2002. IDC predict that the strong growth will be driven by non-voice services such as SMS and MMS, wireless IP data and content. Non-voice offerings are forecast to make up one-third total carrier revenue in 2007, compared to 13% currently.

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