174.3 mln phones shipped worldwide in Q1 2005

The worldwide mobile phone market slowed slightly in Q1 2005 due to expected seasonality. According to IDC, worldwide mobile phone shipments totaled 174.3 mln units in Q1 2005, decreasing 12.6% from Q4 2004 but increasing 9.2% YTY.

Among the leading vendors, Nokia maintained its #1 position within the industry, collecting 30.9% market share despite enduring the largest sequential decrease in shipments. Motorola once again captured second place with further penetration into Europe and leadership in the Americas. Samsung, the only company among the leading vendors to post a sequential gain, locked up third place and regained its momentum to catch up with Motorola after experiencing declining shipments in 2004. Holding steady in fourth place is LG Electronics, marking the company’s third consecutive quarter of shipments greater than 10 mln. Returning to the top five is Sony Ericsson, which beat out former number 5 vendor Siemens by just 100,000 units.

Worldwide mobile phone
shipments in Q1 2005

Rank Vendor Q1 2005 shipments Q1 2005 market share
1 Nokia 53,800,000 30.9%
2 Motorola 28,700,000 16.5%
3 Samsung 24,500,000 14.1%
4 LG Electronics 11,100,000 6.4%
5 Sony Ericsson 9,400,000 5.4%
  Others 46,800,000 26.9%
  Total 174,300,000 100.0%