17% of US consumers have a flat panel TV, 49% plan to get a flat panel

While only 17% of consumers currently own a flat panel display (FPD), 49% say their next television purchase will be some type of flat panel technology, according to Consumer Electronics Association. Flat panel shipments now comprise of 36% of total revenues and growth is assured with FPD reaching 63% of revenues by 2009 – despite and because of continual price declines in this category. CEA estimates a total of $22 bln worth of TVs will ship to US dealers in 2006, with shipments rising to nearly $30 bln by the close of the decade making it the single largest consumer electronics category. On average, current owners paid $783 for the primary TV in their home, but plan to spend $966 on their next set. Additionally, the average consumer plans to spend $176 on accessories, which suggests a total TV related accessories market of more than $5 bln during 2006.

CEA also surveyed consumers about their desired activities using household TVs and found potential markets for up and coming technologies. While the traditional activities of watching movies and TV ranked the highest at 91% and 88% respectively, watching digital video recorder (DVR) content (54%) and viewing PC video (47%) followed next. Another 44% want to view digital photos on their TV and 29% want to listen to PC audio from the household TV.