16.7 mln cell phones sold in Q3 2005

Riding the wave of new handset demand running through emerging markets as well as healthy replacement demand in mature markets, global mobile phone shipments continued the strong pace. Registering an estimated 200 mln units in Q3 2005, worldwide mobile phone shipments are projected to reach an annual volume of approximately 772 mln units by the end of 2005, a growth of 22.7% YTY. According to Market Intelligence Center, Taiwanese mobile phone industry shipment volume reached 16.7 mln units in Q3 2005, annual shipments are estimated to reach 76.8 mln units by the end of 2005, a YTY growth of 47%.

The Q3 2005 shipment performance of second tier ODMs, such as Quanta, DARTS, and HTC, was not far behind Q2 2005 levels, growing 3% sequentially. BenQ benefited from CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) supply to Latin America. CMCS experienced a volume decline as it moved into a transitional period between product refreshes. Total Taiwanese mobile phone industry volume is projected to hit a new peak of 31 mln units in Q4 2005, a YTY jump of 103% and a sequential climb of 86%. Shipment value is forecasted at just over $1.9 bln during the same period, bringing total 2005 value to about $4.4 bln.