16% of online Americans have used Web cams

16% of US Internet users have gone online to view another person or a place via a web cam, according to Pew Internet & American Life project. That translates into roughly 21 mln people who have viewed material on web cams. And on any given day, about two mln internet users are checking out remote places or people by using webcams. 19% of those with broadband at home have checked out web cam images, compared to 13% of those who have dial-up at home. Online men are more likely than online women to have viewed images from web cams: 19% of men with internet access have done so, compared to 13% of wired women. Another way to describe the gender gap is to say that 60% of those who have viewed web cam material are men. Minorities who use the internet are just as likely as whites to have viewed web cam images; internet users in their 50s and those in their 20s watch web cams in equal proportion; those online with graduate degrees and those with high school educations are equally interested in web cam viewing; those who live in relatively well-off households are as likely as those who live in homes with less income to have looked at web cam images; and non-parents are as likely as parents to have viewed web cam material.