150.2 mln Flash-equipped MP3 players to sell in 2011

Flash memory is set to invade the Portable Media Player market in a big way in the coming years, with the number of flash-equipped PMPs expected to rise by a factor of more than 25 from 2006 to 2011, according to iSuppli. In 2011, the number of flash-equipped PMPs shipped is set to rise to 150.2 mln units, 25.5 times as many as the 5.9 mln in 2006. Shipments of flash-equipped PMPs will increase to 54.8 mln units in 2007, nearly nine times the level of 2006. iSuppli defines a PMP as an MP3 player capable of video playback and equipped with suitable color display. Shipments of PMPs equipped with the alternative form of storage, Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), will rise at a much more moderate rate, increasing to 35.3 mln units in 2011, slightly more than the 29.3 mln in 2007.