14.9 mln video streams of NCAA games originated from CBS sites

comScore Media Metrix announced the results of their analysis of viewing of live video streams during the first round of the NCAA Tournament. In their inaugural offering of completely free, live online content, CBS SportsLine, CBS Sports and the NCAA teamed up to broadcast live Internet video for the first 3 rounds of the NCAA Tournament. comScore data show that the live coverage delivered 14.9 mln streams during the first two days (March 16-17) of the first round of games, 77% of which originated from work locations. Over the four days of the first two rounds (March 16 ? 19), a total of 16.4 mln streams were delivered. During the first day of the tournament, 700,000 unique visitors entered the “waiting room” with 608,000 of them eventually accessing the live video feed. Of those accessing the feed, 79%, or 479,000, actually viewed the games. The second day of action saw 552,000 unique visitors enter the waiting room, with 524,000 of them accessing the video feed and 462,000 (88%) tuning into the games.