14.6 mln wireless cellular modems to ship in 2009

Buoyed by fast-growing new technologies in the wireless, broadband equipment, and consumer electronics arenas, the semiconductor industry will continue strong growth this decade after the lean years of 2001 and 2002, reports In-Stat. Some of the fastest-growing silicon categories include wireless cellular modems (2.5 mln units shipped in 2004 to 14.6 mln units in 2009), wireless LAN chipsets (84 mln units shipped in 2004 to 390 mln units in 2009), and digital TV sets (16.5 mln units shipped in 2004 to 93.8 mln units in 2009). Sale of video game consoles bottomed out in 2005 at 16.5 mln units. The launch of new products in the segment will double the size of the market by 2008. The PC is not dead. Some 100 mln CPUs were sold in 2002; In-Stat estimates 187.3 mln units will be sold in 2005. As to be expected, not all applications paint rosy pictures. PDAs are a dying product line as they are being absorbed in smartphones. By 2009, shipment levels will be almost 1/3 of 2005 levels.