145 mln watched Super Bowl, 34.5 mln only wanted to see commercials

Advertisers had access to 145 mln people, who watched Super Bowl on February 6. Most consumers were prepared to stay firmly planted during time-outs and game breaks, according to BIGResearch. 34.5 mln consumers find the commercials to be the most important element, while others watch the Super Bowl primarily to socialize with friends. According to the survey, only 33.9% of consumers did not plan to watch the Super Bowl in 2005. Among young adults, commercials are king, with one in four 18-24 year-olds listing advertisements as the most important aspect of the Super Bowl. In fact, young adults are the least likely of any age group to watch the Super Bowl for the game itself. Consumers over 65 are the most likely of any age group to list the game as the most important part of the Super Bowl.