143 mln mobile phones sold in the US in 2006

According to The NPD Group, mobile phone sales to consumers in the US reached 143 mln units by the end of 2006. In fact, Q4 2006 sales, the biggest quarter in 2006 as far as sales, were 14% higher than the same period the year prior. NPD estimates total 2006 consumer sales of $8.8 bln, after rebates and promotions. Motorola continued its dominance of both subscriber share and new phone sales in the US market during the year, boosting its share of new phone sales sequentially from 29% to 33% as it continued to ride the success of its popular RAZR models. While Nokia ranked third overall for the full year, their share of subscribers and new sales demonstrated a steady downward trend. Nokia ranked fourth in new sales in Q4 as Samsung improved its competitive position, NPD Group says.