13.9 bln instant messages are sent a day, 46.5 bln daily by 2009

There will be 867 mln instant messaging accounts by the end of 2005, Radicati Group says. By 2009 there will be 1.2 bln accounts in use. The value of the IM market (both public IM and enterprise IM (EIM) as well as IM management software) will reach $142 mln in 2005. By 2009 it will reach $365 mln. In 2005, Radicati estimated that 13.9 bln IMs are sent per day (12.5 bln on public networks and 1.4 bln on EIM). As the number of accounts grows usage is expected to increase to 46.5 bln messages per day by 2009; 39.5 bln of which will be on the public networks while 7 bln will be on EIM.

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