10.4 mln digital TVs sold in Asia in 2004, 28,8 mln will be sold in 2008

The Asian digital TV market will more than double from 10.4 mln shipments in 2004 to 28.8 mln in 2008, reports In-Stat. China, Japan, and South Korea are the biggest Asian markets for digital TVs. In fact, China boasts the largest TV market in the world, and Japan enjoys the fastest development in LCD TV globally. Korean vendors top the global TFT-LCD panel shipment while competing with Japan in PDP TV panel production.

The regional market reached $14.2 bln in 2004. Of which $3.3 bln went to digital CRT, $4.2 bln for RP TV, $1.8 bln for PDP TV, and $ 5.0 bln for LCD TV. Its huge population makes Asia the largest TV consumption market in the world. In China alone, the overall TV market (analog and digital) in 2004 exceeded 35 mln units. Asia is projected to be the digital TV market with most growth potential in the world.