102.9 bln ad impressions delivered in July 2005, 10.8% of it belonged MySpace

The number of online display impressions surged in July 2005, according to Nielsen//NetRatings – 102.9 bln online display impressions, up from 97.1 bln in June 2005, 93.1 bln in May 2005, and 91.4 bln in April 2005. MySpace was responsible for 10.8% of online impressions, up from 7.9% in June and 6.3% in May. MySpace’s popularity appears to have come at the expense of Yahoo! Mail and MSN Hotmail, which accounted for 7.6% and 6.9% of online impressions, respectively, last month. In July 2004, Yahoo! Mail garnered 8.1% of display ads, while Hotmail was responsible for 8%.