100 mln mobile VOIP users by 2011

Services such as VOIP, video, music, radio, news and instant messaging coupled with mobile devices such as a WiFi enabled iPod, and the ubiquity of broadband will result in 100 mln consumer mobile VOIP users in 2011, ON World says. WiFi enabled mobile entertainment devices will make up 36% of all mobile VOIP devices sold in 2011. This will be driven by the popularity of Apple’s iPod as well as products such as Nokia’s Internet Tablet 2006 bundled with GoogleTalk. These Mobile VOIP devices need infrastructure and Skype provides this with its 100 mln PCs using their peer-to-peer telecommunications platform. ON World predicts that by 2011 Skype will have 25% of the world’s VOIP users and $1.2 bln in voice service revenues.