10 mln US households have HDTV

As of March 2005, 10 mln homes around the world were watching HDTV programming on a high-definition TV set. By the end of 2005, the worldwide total of these HDTV service households is projected to reach 15.5 mln, reports In-Stat. The rate of growth of HDTV households will continue to be strong over the next several years, and by 2009, HDTV households worldwide are forecasted to reach 52 mln.

HDTV services are widely available in only five countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, the United States, and South Korea. There are currently 4 mln HDTV households in the US, up from 1.6 mln in March 2004. 45% of the worldwide HDTV households get their service from a satellite TV service provider. Terrestrial broadcasters and cable TV operators provide high-def service to the remaining HDTV households. A survey of US consumers showed that an amazing 76% of the respondents had watched HDTV programming on an HDTV set, although many of the respondents noted that they had simply seen a demonstration of HDTV in a retail store.