10 mln seniors online

The online presence of Americans aged 65 and older jumped 25% this year, to a total of almost 10 mln surfers, while 55- to 64-year-olds increased their numbers by 15%, to almost 16 mln, according to a new study by Nielsen//NetRatings. Only 22% of Americans over 65 go online, compared with 75% of those ages 30-49. Among the seniors 65+ 42% have used a computer, 41% have a computer at home, 31% have ever gone online, 33% have Internet access at home. E-mail is the top activity for this market. Among Americans 65 and over, 93% of wired seniors use e-mail, 68% have checked the weather online, 67% read news online, 58% go online for hobby information, 57% have bought a product such as books, clothes, or plane tickets online, 53% search for health and medical information, 53% browse for fun.