1 bln PC users by 2010

The number of PC users is expected to hit or exceed 1 billion by 2010, up from around 660 million to 670 million today, fueled primarily by new adopters in developing nations such as China, Russia and India. IDC estimates that there were 670 mln PC users worldwide in 2003. A little more than a 152 mln PCs will leave factories this year, and that tally is expected to grow over time. With about half of these going to new users, IDC believes the PC user population will grow to 1.2 bln by the end of 2009, a 79% increase over six years. Gartner says there were 631.8 mln PC users at the end of 2003 and 661 mln now. The number will hit 953 mln at the end of 2008 and cross over the bln mark in 2009.