Top Entertainment Programs by Time Spent Viewing in December 2008

Germany PC Shipments for Q4 2008

3 bln person-to-person financial transactions in 2008

Computer or Game Console?

Top US search engines in November 2008

Top reasons for deleting an online social network profile

Reasons for having multiple social networking profiles

Console sales up 11% in February 2009

Fastest-growing Retail E-Commerce Categories in 2008

33% of all music sold in 2008 was digital

EMEA Printer, Copier and MFP Unit Shipments, 2008

Devices used for gaming among US adults

Top Technology Priorities in 2009

US PC Shipments in Q4 2008

Fastest-growing sites in Latin America in December 2008

Worldwide PC Shipments in 2008

Western Europe PC Shipments in Q4 2008

EMEA PC Shipments for Q4 2008

Who searches for the keyword “unemployment”

58% of US adults limit the information on their social networking profile

Intersection betwen Obama voters and Internet users

US category upstream traffic from search engines and Google in January 2009

Overall Online Video Usage in the US in December 2008

Internet connections mostly fail on users 50-64-years-old

Average US query size in January 2009

Top-growing web categories in UK in December 2008

14.7% of US households were completely wireless in 2007, Oklahoma and Utah most landline-free in the nation

Top US search engines in January 2009

IT spending to drop 9% in 2009

How Americans fix their broadband connection issues

Top US search engines and site-generated searches in January 2009

US Internet usage in February 2009

Top US search engines by number of searches in January 2009

How people respond to broken gadgets

Top US search engines in January 2009

59% or consumers get impatient when their electronics device breaks

Fastest-growing web sites in January, 2009

How people are watching TV in Q4 2008

Fastest-growing web categories in January, 2009

Top news Web sites in February, 2009

Top Web sites in January, 2009

Top news and media searches in February, 2009

Top retail search terms in February, 2009

7.5% of Americans victims of financial fraud in 2008

Top retail search terms in February, 2009

Top ad carriers in January, 2009

66% of smartphones sold in Q4 2008 rely on 3G

Top 10 Travel search terms in February, 2009

Social networking audience and reach in Europe, December 2008

84% of young Germans would rather survive without partner than an Internet connection

PC sales to decline 11.9% in 2009

4.1 bln mobile subscriptions in 2008

76 mln smart meters by year-end 2009

Top search terms in February 2008

Leading Social Networking Sites in France in December 2008

Top-search terms for news and media sites in February, 2009

Top Social Networking Sites in India in December 2008

Social Networking usage in Asia-Pacific December 2008

25% of positioning solutions in 2014 will be alternative solutions: A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Cell-ID

Third-party software for cellular base stations to grow by $1 bln by 2010

Traffic Growth to Top Retailer Sites in December 2008

Top search engines in December 2008

63% of online shoppers indicated that it was important to have multiple reviews for each product

Managed services for mobile networks generated $19 bln in 2008

Top Countries by Internet Audience in December 2008

Reasons to visit retailer Web site before going to offline store

35 mln cellular modems shipped in 2008

Top Internet sites in December 2008

Global semiconductor market to generate $194.5 bln in 2009, 24.1% decline

Internet ads to reach $147 bln globally by 2012

Downloaded Mobile Game by Platform: November 2008

Top job search sites in December 2008

LCD TV panel sales to grow 20.5% in 2009

Americans watched 151 hours of television per month in Q4 2008

16.5% of mobile users spent over $100 in app stores

US mobile Internet activity in November 2008

Who visited job search Web sites in December 2008

Internet activity of European mobile subscribers in November 2008

Top search engines in the US in December 2008

Top Online Gaming Sites in December 2008

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