CPU market shares in Q1 2008: Intel – 78.9%, AMD – 20.9%

In terms of processor vendor shares, Intel experienced a small gain over AMD in Q1 2008. On an overall unit basis, Intel earned 78.9% market share, a gain of 2.2%. AMD earned 20.9% market share, a loss of 2.2%, according to IDC. Similar shifts in market share were evident by form factor. In the mobile processor segment, Intel earned 85.3% market share, a gain of 3.4%, and AMD captured 14.5%, a loss of 3.3%. In the PC server processor segment, Intel earned 87.0% share, a gain of 1.6%, while AMD earned 13.0%, a loss of 1.6% share. Finally, in the desktop PC processor segment, Intel captured 73.1% share, an increase of 1.0%, and AMD earned 26.7% share, a loss of 1.0%.

Communication chips generated $36.6 bln in 2007

The Communications Chip market generated estimated $36.6 bln in the year 2007. That revenue was generated by shipping an estimated 3.73 bln chips during the year, iLocus says. Texas Instruments leads the market earning around $6.6 bln and thus holding 18% of the communications chip market share. Other leaders in the market include Freescale, ST Microelectronics, Broadcom and Qualcomm. Collectively the top 5 chip vendors had revenues of about $21.3 bln which accounted for 58% of the market revenues. Broadband and cellular chips were the major contributors of revenue to the overall Communications Chip market. Broadband contributed 22.6% of the total revenues while 21.7% were contributed by the chips consumed by cellular devices. Within our segmentation, Optical Networking chips contributed the least i.e. $1.4 bln of the total communications chip revenues for the year.

Small displays to generate $6.4 bln in Q1 2008

Pricing strength will contribute to a strong Q1 2008 for small/medium displays, with global revenue reaching $6.4 bln in Q1 2008, up 17.3% from $5.4 bln in the Q1 2007, according to iSuppli. Revenue in Q1 2008 will decline by 6.5% compared to Q4 2007, but such a seasonal slowdown is typical in the small/medium market. For all of 2008, small/medium display revenue is expected to rise to $27.6 bln, up 14.7% from $24 bln in 2007. This represents a significant acceleration compared to 8.8% growth in 2006.

1 bln GPS ICs to ship in 2013

GPS IC shipments to reach 1 bln annually in 2013. Average Selling Prices (ASPs) will continue to fall, but the effect on vendors’ revenue streams will be more than offset by this strong growth in volume, ABI Research says.

Semiconductors up 3.3% in 2007

Global semiconductor market revenue grew by only 3.3% in 2007. iSuppli predicted the global chip market would grow by 4.1% in 2007. Worldwide DRAM revenue fell by 19.1% in the Q4 2007 compared to Q3 2007. NAND flash revenue declined by 3.9% in Q4 2007.

$255.6 bln worth of semiconductors sold in 2007

The Semiconductor Industry Association reported that global sales of semiconductors grew for the sixth-consecutive year, reaching a record $255.6 bln in 2007, an increase of 3.2% from the $247.7 bln reported in 2006. Worldwide sales in December 2007 were $22.3 bln, an increase of 2.5% compared to the $21.7 bln reported in December 2006. December 2007 sales declined by 3.6% from the immediate-prior month when sales were $23.1 bln. The modest sequential decline in December reflected normal seasonal patterns. Worldwide sales in Q4 2007 were $66.8 bln, an increase of 2.5% over Q4 2006 sales of $65.2 bln. Shipments of personal computers, which account for approximately 40% all semiconductor consumption, grew by 13.8% and will grow by 12.2% in 2008. Mobile PC unit sales grew 32.2% while desktop unit sales grew by 4.1%. Cell phone unit shipments grew by 20% to nearly 1.2 bln units in 2007. Current forecasts project 10 to 15% growth in unit shipments in 2008.

Semiconductor revenues to grow 2.4% in 2008

In-Stat expects worldwide semiconductor revenue to grow by 2.4% in 2008 to $261.9 bln. The consumer segment will lead 2008 growth at 5.9% and the consumer and communications segments will gain share while the computer segment share declines over the forecast period. The computer segment, whose share has been trending downward since 2000, is expected to remain the largest segment by a wide margin, although, by 2012, its share is forecast to be 41.8%, well below the 50% + levels of the 1990s.

China’s semiconductor market to surpass $28 bln by 2011

IDC predicts that the Chinese semiconductor market will surpass $28 billion in 2011. The largest capacity distribution of China fabs was represented by 8″ wafer lines, followed by the 6″ and 12″ capacity respectively. The computing semiconductor segment will account for over 62% of the total China semiconductor market in 2011, with remarkable growth from the portable PC and server semiconductor markets.