Chinese Linux market reached $11.8 mln in 2005

According to IDC, China’s Linux market revenue reached $11.8 mln in 2005, up 27.1% over 2004. 2005 saw a steady growth in the China Linux market, brought about mainly by the huge volume of government procurements and large-scale SCO Unix replacement by major banks and industrial projects such as Telecommunication and Internet cafes. IDC forecasts China’s Linux market will grow at a CAGR of 34.0% from 2006 to 2010, and reach $51.1 mln by 2010.

40% of data centers run healthy mix of Unix, Linux and Windows

40% of IT managers surveyed by Gartner said their data centers comprised mainframes running Unix, Linux and Windows. 14% said they had a mainframe with just Unix and Windows, 4% were running Windows on a mainframe, and just 1% had a mainframe running Unix only. 24% said they were running with Unix, Linux and Windows but without a mainframe. 10% of the total group questioned were running Unix and Windows but not running any mainframe systems, 3% were using Windows and Linux in a mainframe-free environment, and only 4% were running Windows without mainframe hardware.