Kelsey: Directory searches up

The Kelsey Report believes total directional media usage in the United States, including print Yellow Pages, online Yellow Pages and local commercial search, will grow from 21.5 billion searches in 2002, to 28.7 billion searches in 2008. Print directory lookups will decline during this period from 15.1 billion in 2002, to 12.5 billion in 2008. Weekly frequency of printed directories will decline during the same period from 1.4 in 2002, to less than 1.1 in 2008. However, total weekly frequency, including all directional media, will rise from 2.0 in 2002 to almost 2.5 in 2008.

Magazine questions Gartner Group objectivity

Information Week has an article about the different people involved at a high level in the Gartner Group, the world’s leading supplier of analysis to the industry. Clients of Gartner spend around $100,000 on biztech research, the article says, and notes that Silver Lake Partners, a large equity investment firm, are members of the board of the outfit. Individuals are also investors in Silver Lake, like Larry Ellison, Michael Dell, and Bill Gates. The article says that “no one has suggested that Gartner’s output has been tainted in any way” by the Silver Lake connection.

Berkeley: 5 exabytes of info in 2002

The amount of new information stored on various media such as hard drives has doubled in the past three years, to five exabytes of new information produced in 2002, according to a study released Tuesday by the University of California, Berkeley. That’s exabytes, as in one byte with 18 zeros behind it, six zeros more than a terabyte. The amount of information put into storage in 2002, five exabytes, was equal to the contents of a half a million new libraries, each containing a digitized version of the print collection of the entire U.S. Library of Congress, according to the study by professors Peter Lyman and Hal Varian of the UC Berkeley School of Information Management and Systems. The professors estimated that between two and three exabytes of information was generated in 1999. Most of that data — 92% of it — was stored on magnetic media, primarily hard drives, the study estimates.

Top magazines among IT professionals

According to Intelliquest’s latest Computer Industry Media Study (CIMS), InformationWeek currently has the highest number of subscribers in the information systems (IS) industry, claiming over 489,000 such readers. ComputerWorld – 432K, InfoWorld – 396K, CIO – 369K, eWeek – 253K.

In-stat/MDR: Cable set top boxes sell well

For the second consecutive year, demand for digital cable set top
boxes remains soft as cable TV operators around the world continue to
reduce their capital expenditures
. Worldwide digital cable set top box
unit shipments are projected to reach 9.97 million this year, a slight
decrease from the 10.03 million unit shipments in 2002.

Digital cable set top boxes with integrated PVR capabilities are
generating a great deal of interest among cable TV operators. In 2002,
there were only 80,000 worldwide unit shipments of PVR-enabled boxes. In
2003, this total is projected to jump to almost 800,000.

The Face of the Web 2003

The Face of the Web is the most authoritative international study of consumers and the Internet ever done. In 2002, A total of 6,637 interviews were conducted with Internet users, Internet Triers, and Internet Intenders in 12 countries:


The Face of the Web 2003 represents the fourth wave in the Face of the Web series that is a multi-country view of the Internet’s global impact today, how this medium has evolved over the past year, and where its evolution will go tomorrow.

PC World View (.PDF)