34.1% of users open an e-mail by 5 pm

eROI found that during the heaviest e-mail volume period, from 8 am to 5 pm, e-mail opening rates and CTR increased. Open rates start out at 21.4% at 8 am and rise to a high of 34.1% at 5 pm Click-through rates begin at 2.6% at 8 am and rise to a high of 6.4% at 4 pm, before falling to 5.2% at 5 pm.

90% of e-mails delivered to large companies in November 2007 were spam

Nearly 9 out of 10 email messages delivered to large enterprises in November 2007 were spam, according to Proofpoint. While overall spam levels dropped slightly (from 89% in October to 88% in November), large companies were still receiving an extremely high volume of spam, with an upsurge in attachment-based spam of almost every kind. Image-based spam made up nearly 10% of all unsolicited emails delivered to enterprises in November 2007, up 24% from the previous month. About 5% of all spam came in the form of Microsoft Word (.doc) attachments, a 65% increase over from October 2007.

$3.2 bln lost to phishing in 2007

Phishing attacks in the United States soared in 2007 as $3.2 bln was lost to these attacks, according to Gartner. 3.6 mln adults lost money in phishing attacks in the 12 months ending in August 2007, as compared with the 2.3 mln who did so the year before. Of consumers who received phishing e-mails in 2007, 3.3% say they lost money because of the attack, compared with 2.3% who lost money in 2006, and 2.9% who did so in 2005. The average dollar loss per incident declined to $886 from $1,244 lost on average in 2006 (with a median loss of $200 in 2007), but because there were more victims, $3.2 bln was lost to phishing in 2007, according to surveyed consumers. Some 1.6 mln adults recovered about 64% of their losses in 2007, up from the 54% that 1.5 mln adults recovered in 2006.