74% of all e-mail in Q2 2008 was spam

In Q2 2008, 74% of all mail received was spam. In Q2 2008, Turkey became the country with most zombie computers (11% of the global total), followed by Brazil (8.4%) and Russia (7.4%). The USA, which in the Q1 2008 accounted for 5% of all zombies, is now in ninth place with just 4.3% of the total. Google Adwords has been at the center of one of the most notable attacks over the last quarter, PandaLabs says. This Google service had been used previously to launch phishing attacks and the trend continues. This type of attack uses social engineering to trick users into revealing confidential details (bank account numbers, passwords, etc.).

87% of all teens engage in electronic communication

87% of all teens engage at least occasionally in some form of electronic personal communication, which includes text messaging, sending email or instant messages, or posting comments on social networking sites, according to Pew Internet Project. Although participation in these activities is widespread, 60% of teens who send these communications do not consider them to be “writing.” 38% of teens think of these communications as writing, and an additional 2% don’t know whether they consider them to be writing or not.

36% of e-mails to the bank go unanswered

US banking industry holds in excess of $7.17 trillion in loans, including the billions of dollars in mortgage, credit card, auto loans and commercial loans. 36% of customer emails went unanswered by the banks. 96% of those audited did not offer live chat as a communication channel. 94% of banks did not offer a true dynamic, flexible knowledge base – the majority of banks offered little more than a list of static FAQs, Talisma reports.

16% Americans have exchanged emails regarding Presidential candidates

16% Americans have sent or received emails with friends and family regarding candidates and the campaign, and 14% have received email messages from political groups or organizations about the campaign, according to the Pew Internet Project.

Type of e-mails Total Rep Dem Ind
Emails with friends/family 16 21 14 16
Emails from groups/political orgs 14 14 14 16
Visit candidate websites 8 9 7 9
Visit news satire sites 8 6 9 10
Get information from social networking sites 7 7 8 7