US cable companies added 1.19 mln new broadband subscribers in Q1 2008

Largest cable companies in the US added 1.19 mln broadband subscribers in Q1 2008, according to Leichtman Research Group. Phone companies added 1.01 mln DSL customers in Q1 2008. Since Q3 2004, phone companies had been adding subscribers faster than cable, closing in on cable’s lead in total subscribers. But that lead is now widening, with cable companies having a total of 34.7 mln subscribers compared with 29.5 mln at the phone companies.

In February 2008 Brit used broadband for 19 hours 40 minutes

52% of Britons online are on a connection speed between 512Kb and 2Mb. 33% are on a connection speed between 2Mb and 8Mb, according to Nielsen. The faster the connection speed, the more time people spend online – those on the fastest speed (over 8Mb) averaged 22% more time online than those on the lowest (?128Kb). In February 2008, Britons using dial-up averaged 16 hours 7 minutes online, whereas those on Super Fast broadband averaged 19 hours 40 minutes

44% of Americans say Internet outage would disrupt their lives

Most internet users age 45 or older say content online serves less their needs and interests than those of younger persons, according to a Burst Media. 67.7% of internet users age 45 or older say their daily routine would be disrupted if their online access was taken away for one week (42.9% say “significantly”) – with “the oldest segment looking very much like the youngest segment”. Some 43.9% of those age 55+ surveyed say there would be significant disruption in their lives if internet access were taken away.

US Internet usage in March 2008

Home & Work,
March 2008
Home & Work,
February 2008
Growth, MTM
Sessions/Visits per Person 60 58 3.5
Domains Visited per Person 105 104 1.0
Web Pages per Person 2,437 2370 2.8
Duration of a Web Page Viewed 0:00:52 0:00:53 -0.6
PC Time per Person 19:42:28 17:38:32 3.2
Active Digital Media Universe 164.6 mln 162.3 mln 1.4
Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 221.3 mln 220.6 mln 0.3
Source: Nielsen