Grocery delivery accounts for 2% of the grocery business

Global industrial semiconductor revenue in 2014 totaled $40.4 bln, up from $34.3 bln in 2013

Global web hosting market shares for 2015: GoDaddy–5.8%, BlueHost–2.57%, HostGator–2.14%, OVH-1.90%, AWS–1.79%

US national health insurance brokerage market is worth $18 billion

439 mln WiFi households globally by 2016

1 bln mobile subscribers in China, 144 mln use 3G

49.7% of Americans own smartphones

Smart connected devices generated $489 bln in 2011

276.9 mln Americans used e-mail in August 2009

More smartphones than PCs to be sold by 2011

57% of Americans watch TV and surf Internet simultaneously

$115.6 bln will be spent on online travel in 2009

Mobile entertainment to generate $32 bln in 2009

Mobile financial services to the poor to reach $5 bln by 2012

63 mln US households to pay bills online by 2014

US video game sales down 23% in May 2009

89% of Americans with income over $75,000 subscribe to broadband

Men spend $908 annually on consumer electronics, women spend $558

CPU market down 10.9% in Q1 2009

26% of US consumers thinking of cutting costs by switching to prepaid cellular

Web-to-TV streaming services to generate $2.9 bln by 2013

Top-selling smartphones in Q1 2009

Semiconductor sales down 29.9% in Q1 2009

58% of Americans have a mobile phone with Web connectivity

European music sales down 8.3% in 2008

391.8 mln mobile subscribers in India in March 2009

US venture investments down 61% in Q1 2009

10.5 mln BluRay players in the US in Q1 2009

US newspaper ads to decline 22% in 2009

Infrastructure sharing to save companies $60 bln by 2014

$94 bln spent on home network-enabled devices in 2010

IEEE 802.15.4 semiconductors to grow 79.6% by 2014

Game play among parents and non-parents

Demographics of Social Network Users

What TV shows Americans watched online in December 2008

Top video sites in Germany in December 2008

Videogame revenues to reach $41.9 bln in 2009

Enterprise software to grow 0.3% in 2009

Fastest-growing sites in Gemany in January 2009

Top-visited Web brands in February 2009

$400 mln spent on delivering video via CDNs in 2008

Top search engines in Japan in February 2009

37% of US adults visit SNS sites daily

US Internet ad revenues reached $6.1 bln in Q4 2008

$265 mln lost to Internet fraud in 2008

How often do people play games?

Usage of social networking profiles among adults and teens

US Internet usage in February 2009

Top Japanese search engines in January 2009

Top Web sites in Germany in January 2009

$4 bln spent on prepaid debit cards in 2008

Growth in Search Terms Related to Economic Downturn in December 2008

97% of MySpace users, 97% of Facebook users, and 65% of LinkedIn users stay in touch with their friends on social networks

US video usage in February 2009

Share of US search engines in February 2009

Demographics of Adult Gamers

Top US video sites in February 2009

Number of searches among leading US search engines in February 2009

France PC Shipments in Q4 2008

Worldwide IT Spending by Vertical Markets in 2009

Top US search engines in February 2009

Top search engines in February 2009

49 mln desktops to virtually hosted by 2013

Top Web sites among Latin American Region in December 2008

Top video sites by unique viewers in December 2008

Top stocks and finance sites in the US

Percentage of US searches among leading search engine providers

Top German Online Video Sites Ranked by Total Unique Viewers in December 2008

Top video sites by videos viewed in December 2008

Top stock ticker searches

US category upstream traffic from search engines and Google in February 2009

43% of adults believe they are findable

Fastest-growing Web categories in December 2008

International phone calls up 12% in 2008

Top-searched brands in the UK

Top Web sites in France in January 2009

Social Networking and Politics

UK PC Shipments in Q4 2008

Top Web parent companies in February 2009

Percentage of US clicks by number of keywords

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